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Let The Cat Out of The Bag PDF Print E-mail
Written by John Saady   
Wednesday, 20 July 2016 05:25

The Origins of Cat tequila

It was during the spring of 2010 while traveling in Mexico and Ecuador that the inspiration for Cat Tequila Cinnamon Hot was born. The motivation for Cat Tequila Cinnamon Hot is the fusion of cultures, traditions and products, Tequila from Aztecs and Cinnamon from the Incas. The idea was to make Tequila more, flavorful, spicy and easy to drink without the distortion of its traditional flavor.

These ideas matured in Austin, Texas, and were implemented in a Jalisco, Mexico distillery, where with the patience and expertise from the local maestro Tequileros, we got the perfect Tequila cinnamon infusion. Cat Tequila Cinnamon Hot is the Cat’s Meow of the tequila liqueurs.

Our other Cat were selected from the best distilleries and Palenques in Jalisco and Oaxaca, Mexico as we perfected the true Tequila and Mezcal flavors. Cat Tequila Silver, Cat Mezcal and Cat Mezcal Anejo are the consequence of all our appreciation and research.

Cat Silver Tequila

Cat Silver Tequila is the product of the best agave grown in the blue volcanic soil in the countryside of Jalisco, Mexico. Our tequila is clear and transparent in color, dry and spicy in flavor, perfect for sipping and mixtures.

40% Alc. Vol. | 80 Proof

Cat Mezcal Joven

Cat Mezcal Joven is the nectar of the countrymen in the Oaxaca, Mexico region. Our product is produced in Palenques or fábricas de mezcal (distilleries), owned and operated by families in villages in and near the central valleys of Oaxaca for more than three centuries.

Our Mezcal has been totally handcrafted and it is fully artisanal; it is earthy, smoky and fiery in flavor and smell. Cat Mezcal Joven is an adventure to your mouth.

40% Alc. Vol. 80 Proof

Cat Mezcal Añejo

Our Anejo (Aged Mezcal) is aged for six moths in old Kentucky Whiskey Barrels before we bottle it, and combines our house Mezcal’s extraordinary flavors with the added pleasure of the oaky flavors. Cat Mezcal Anejo is tradition and corazon (heart).

40% Alc. Vol. | 80 Proof

Hot Cat Cinnamon Tequila

Cat Tequila Cinnamon Hot is the perfect combination of a high quality Tequila from Jalisco, Mexico and the natural flavor of cinnamon essence from the Andes. The beautiful merge of flavors plus the sweetness from agave nectar make Cinnamon Hot the perfect drink to sip and enjoy slowly.

33% Alc. Vol. 66 Proof

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